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Flood Precautions — Safe Schools India

Flood Precautions

The rainfall in India is largely dependent on the monsoons and cyclonic depression. Most of the rainfall is received during the monsoon season, i.e. June to September. As the monsoon has arrived in India in time, it is helpful to remember that it is also a flood season. The most affected areas of floods are Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal & the North-eastern States. In big cities like Mumbai & Pune flooding has started occurring due to choking of pipe-lines and drainage system, pollution of rivers & other water bodies etc.

Heavy rainfall in many regions causes floods. People face many harsh effects of floods like inundation, marooning, drowning, loss of habitat, livelihood, and infrastructure along with the threat of epidemic diseases.

2005 floods in Mumbai have shown how poorly; we citizens are prepared to face such situations. Here are some of the tips one can follow to help prevent loss of life & property.

Necessary precautions need to be taken to face flood situation:

· Check the area for signs of floods in history.

· Listen to radio & other information media for emergency information.

· Learn how to shut off utilities like electricity and gas cylinder.

· Seal your important documents and keep them in a bag.

· Cover the exposed area of your house by sandbags.

· Keep first aid kit and survival kit ready.

· If possible use water proofing materials like sandbags, plastic sheets, etc.

· Turn-on battery radios.

Don’ts for floods:

· Pollute the rivers.

· Throw garbage in the drainage.

· Go to see floodwaters.

· Swim in flood waters.

· Attempt to cross through floodwaters.

· Drink floodwater.

· Lock yourself in a car, on the loft etc during flood.

Dos for floods:

· Go farther & higher from floods.

· Listen to & cooperate with life savers.

· Properly boil water before drinking.

· Go out until it’s absolutely necessary.

· Be ready for electricity cutouts.

· Be ready to evacuate if necessary.

Parents & children:

· Learn the alternate routes to reach to home & other safer places from offices, schools etc.

· Teach your children the telephone numbers of the parents as well as any additional relative / friend living at a safer place.

· Store some clean drinking water in case there is less supply of the same. Also during floods always boil the water for at least 25-30 min (after water starts boiling) to avoid the risk of any water borne diseases.

· Cooperate with trained rescuers & life savers or other authorities during floods.

Always carry your ID with you.

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